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It's Time to
Write Your Truth

and give zero f*cks
how it lands


It's Time to
Write Your Truth

and give zero f*cks
how it lands

Are you over the perfectly curated and filtered lives on social media?

You and I both know there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage or motherhood – and you shouldn’t have to feel the pressure to play along anymore. No more pretending.


It's Time to Get Real

  • Real about your shit.
  • Real about the deepest parts of yourself.
  • Real about that inner-writer you’re hiding from the world.

It’s the good and the bad. The yin and the yang. It’s about not pretending, not holding back, not hiding. It’s about coming back to yourself.

Come back to your truth.
Be brave.
Write with me.

Truth Teller Writing Courses

~ for Women

writing courses for women


Social media presents a shiny, perfect façade that tempts you to hide, edit, or apologize for yourself. That ends here.


Expect no bullshit. When we let down our walls, we help others to do the same. Come as you are – braless, brave, and beautiful – and expect the same from me.


You are not alone. When we write together you will be seen.

What is a Truth Teller Writing Course?

Truth Teller courses are specifically designed to help women become badass truth-tellers – to help you process your life and show up bravely. Over the years Truth Teller writing has helped me find freedom to show up on paper as my true self – and as your certified teacher, I’ll help you do the same. We will write our truths together.

Are you ready to gain confidence and be more present in your life? You aren’t alone in your struggles as a woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister or business owner – and my Truth Teller writing courses will show you why. It will help you see and process all that life has for you. It will change you from the inside out. It’s that fucking good.

Truth Teller courses are not:

  • Journaling
  • Making friends
  • Becoming a better writer
  • Getting feedback
  • Writing for an audience
Kim Anderson

I get it.

My name is Kim Anderson and I’m passionate about helping women find freedom through writing. I sincerely believe the act of putting pen to paper can change your life – because I’ve experienced it.

Writing calms my anxiety and helps me reflect on and reconcile my past. It gives me room to be curious and present about my life today. It creates space for a deep breath, to embrace who I am, to show up unapologetically.

I received my Wild Writing teacher training and certification under Laurie Wagner of 27Powers.

I love Skippy chunky peanut butter, my weighted blanket and a good IPA – not necessarily all at once.

Here's how we'll get your shit together:

You do everything for everyone else and deserve to commit some time for yourself. Decide right now to make yourself a priority in your own damn life.
I’ll notify you when new classes are starting.
With self-paced and live-virtual options to consider, pick the one that fits you best.
What more can I say?

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You don’t have to lose yourself to unrealistic societal expectations, or a lifetime of trauma and drama.
Sign up to write with me today and unapologetically embrace who you are – then get it down on paper.