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Welcome to our transformative writing workshops designed specifically for the corporate and business space. With three distinct workshops—Explore, Interact, and Intensify—we offer tailored experiences for groups of different sizes and goals.

Workshops are offered as a single workshop, or a series of 3 or 6.

Explore: Cultivate Self-Reflection

Duration: 60 minutes | Group Size: 5 to 500

Our Explore workshop invites groups to embark on an invigorating journey of self-expression, stress relief, and grounding. Participants will explore the use of writing to declutter their emotional space and cultivate their inner voice. Whether conducted virtually or in person, this workshop enables participants to explore a powerful writing technique for processing emotions, finding inspiration, and embracing their authentic voice.

Interact: Authentic Expression and Connection

Duration: 60 minutes | Group Size: 5 to 30

Crafted specifically for mid-sized groups, the Interact workshop aims to strengthen workplace culture by nurturing empathy and fostering a sense of belonging. Participants will immerse themselves in a unique writing experience that facilitates self reflection, active listening, and building connections. Whether conducted virtually or in person, this workshop creates a supportive environment that cultivates empathy and enhances working relationships. Experience the power of sharing to better connect with the people you work with.

Intensify: Transform Teams and Leadership

Duration: 90 minutes | Group Size: 5 to 15

Designed for small groups and leadership teams seeking to enhance their impact, our Intensify workshop offers an ideal setting, whether in person or virtual, where small groups can benefit from an intimate and focused experience. Through our interactive and dynamic approach, participants will practice being open-minded and vulnerable, while embarking on an engaging and transformative journey of self discovery. By participating in this workshop as a team, trust and understanding with each other will be elevated and working relationships will grow exponentially.

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I was blown away by the power of these workshops. I wasn't really sure about what to expect but I feel a deeper connection to myself AND to my team. I learned so much about each of them which I know will improve our team dynamics and communication. I highly recommend these workshops with Kim as a terrific way to get connected with yourself and promote the wellness of your leadership team.
Jennifer Dawn Coaching

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