Allows for Vulnerability

Me, a writer? Ha! (I used to say). Kim’s warm and calming energy takes away any wackadoodle fears and helps me get in the right mindset to experience the present moment. I look forward to the days where I can take off my shoes, pick up a pencil and practice writing with Kim. Her passion and encouragement inspires me to exhale buried thoughts I have been holding in that have silently brought me tears, laughter and a few aggressive swear words. Kim’s safe structure of the space allows me to be vulnerable and challenge myself but not feel overwhelmed or judged. Afterwards, I put my shoes back on and walk away with a boost of enthusiasm and readiness to collect my next life story. I cherish the many gift’s Kim has given during our writing practice, including the intense feeling of support from my new writing family!

~ Krista

Empowered and Free

Writing with Kim makes me feel empowered and free. I appreciate the thought and consideration she puts into the space she holds, embraces whatever crap I deliver that day, and especially love hearing the strength of her own words in what she shares

~ Ashley

Loving Your Workshops

I cannot explain enough how much I am loving your workshops. I am nervous every single time, but I feel so, so good at the end of each session.

~ Kristin

Opened Up Possibilities

Thank you for assisting me in finding my gift of writing back. I lost this in high school when my teacher told me that I needed to be more analytical. Before that time, I loved creative writing and in fact within the last year or so found my 8th grade stories. However, the 9th grade teachers’ words held me back from expressing. I have seen my own growth through your workshops. This last year with you has opened up so many possibilities. I can finally see my dream of writing a book as a possibility. Thank you for holding the space for us and continuing to encourage us to write from different perspectives.

~ Michele, Business Leadership Coach for Women

Safe and Accepting

Kim is an authentic and raw leader who invites her writers to show up on the page exactly as they are. Her ability to hold space and honor the (sometimes emotional) vulnerability of writing make her writing circles safe and accepting. In writing with Kim you can expect her to cut straight to the heart of the matter and she will encourage you to do the same.

~ Katie

Time Goes Fast

I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your writing workshop I was so nervous to sign up and every Thursday I think, “How am I going to write for an hour and a half, and every week?” and every time I am so surprised at how fast the time goes! I look forward to writing with you every week.

~ Lisa

Helps Process the Day

Kim leads The Unapologetic Pen writing from such an authentic place of love and caring that it makes showing up and sharing so easy! Putting pen to paper and writing whatever feelings arise at that moment has become so powerful in helping process the day, the joy, the grief, the anger, the love and everything in between. The weekly time set aside for writing your truth will quickly become the best investment you can make in yourself!

~ Karen

Uplifting Experience

Writing with Kim was something I truly looked forward to every week. I am not one to take time to do something creative, despite knowing I should. Kim provided the time, space, and encouragement needed to put aside life’s stresses and just focus on me and my thoughts. The writing prompts were relatable and thought-provoking, and I loved listening to everyone’s words in the welcoming and safe environment Kim created. I left each session feeling like a weight had been lifted. I highly recommend making time for this uplifting writing experience with Kim.

~ Jen G.

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