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Out of the Box Wellness Ideas for Improved Wellbeing in the Workplace

You’ve done a step challenge.
You’ve offered a financial wellness seminar.
You’ve had weight loss contests.
You’ve brought in free chair massages.

There is nothing wrong with any of these wellness programs, but how about trying something new!? Check out the four ideas below to break out of your rut and give your employees a new experience.

  1. A device-free break room
    If you have in-person employees consider having a break room that is device free. Put a basket by the door or encourage employees to leave devices at their desk. Maybe you choose just one day of the week and declare it “Device Free Day”.  Encourage employees to interact with each other by placing decks of cards on the table or having conversation cards available (these are my favorites).  You can even have a Poll of the Week where employees record their opinions about quirky topics like, “Do you leave the water running when you brush your teeth?” or “Do you step out of the shower with your left foot first or your right foot?”  A device free break room, even one day a week, can be a simple way to help employees create connections. *If your employees are remote, encourage them to take a 10-minute device-free break every day.
  2. Walking meetings
    How many meetings do you sit through every week (or day for that matter!) where you don’t need to actively participate? If your company has these types of meetings, consider giving employees permission to take a walking break while they listen in (or just give yourself permission!).  Instead of sitting at their desk and zoning out or checking email while they are listening in, encourage them to use the meeting as a time to move. They could head outside, to a treadmill, or even up and down a hallway. To make this inclusive for employees with mobility issues, give permission for them to move to a different location in the office (think lobby or to a seat by a window). If they are working from home, they can sit outside or even in a more comfortable chair. When you can get your employees moving or allow them to have a change of scenery, you are resetting their brain for focus.
  3. Host a breathwork workshop
    Breathwork is an old tool which has been used for centuries to release stress and regulate the nervous system. Yet many of us do not know the mechanics of our own breathing or how breathing patterns can both energize and calm us. Since we all breathe, once you give employees an introductory experience to breathwork, they can continue to practice it on their own. Anytime, Anyplace. To learn more about breathwork, check out this ForbesHealth article.
  4. Host an Unapologetic Writing Workshop
    For those of us with busy brains, a million tabs open at all times, settling into a meditation practice can be very difficult. By using the mindfulness practice of Unapologetic Writing, we are able to release our thoughts about anything and everything in a guided and safe environment. I lead 60-minute workshops that provide an introduction to the practice and two short interactive writing sessions (4-6 minutes max!) to help your employees get to know themselves better and increase their emotional intelligence. Check out  my blog post about EI and why it is important in the workplace.

None of the ideas above are meant to replace professional mental health care, nor are they meant to excuse unrealistic working conditions and/or workloads.

Schedule a call with me to learn more about Unapologetic Writing and how it can benefit your corporate wellness program.  What are you waiting for?!?


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